Evan Conover is an inspiration and a joy to others

Evan Conover is a junior at Quincy University and his major is voice performance. He is a resident of Quincy, Illinois. He enjoys his hobbies, such as playing video games, walking and going for an evening drive to watch the sunset. He also loves to sing.

“I sometimes sing pop music on my phone,” Conover said. “I also sing Disney music whenever I just feel like it. It just gives me pure joy, like every single day and just always makes me happy.”

Conover got involved in music since high school and has continued on with it through college.

“His talents lie largely in his pitch accuracy,” Kristen Ramseyer, assistant professor of vocal music and director of choirs at QU, said. “We’re thinking that he has always had or is developing perfect pitch, which is very rare. His pitch accuracy is really outstanding and in that regard, a really strong leader in that section.”

Evan Conover sits with other students in a Choir classroom, looking towards the front of the class.
Evan Conover sitting and being attentive in choir class at North Campus. (Wes Shelor/QU Media)

One of his favorite songs he performed is “Lonely House.”

“‘Lonely House’ is from the opera, ‘Street Scene’ by Kurt Weill,” Ramseyer said. “It was written in the early 1940s. This particular opera was a real challenge, but Evan really ran with it and did an excellent job.”

“The song is about a man who is very depressed and he’s basically living the same life everyday,” Conover said. “He feels like he’s so lonely and he doesn’t talk to anyone. He just goes about his day working and going home.”

Conover is also a huge Disney fan.

“I love Disney very much, 100%,” Conover said. “I love going to Walt Disney World in Florida, I love riding all the good old rides and seeing Mickey, it’s just a great place for me to go.”

“Evan loves Disney,” Emma Klitzing, a junior, said. “If you want to be best friends with Evan, just start talking about Disney with him and he’ll love you. Evan will love to show you his Disney merchandise and photos he’s taken from Disney World.”

Conover has a part time job at Brenner Library for this semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-10 a.m. and at 5-7 p.m. He is usually at the front desk checking out books for students, putting books back, and sometimes barcoding books to see where they belong in the library.

“It’s a good job to have,” Conover said. “Like when you don’t have time to work at your first job, you’re in school, it’s always good to have another job, like where you’re not as stressful and you can do homework while working.”

Evan Conover sits at a curved desk, typing on a computer, within Brenner Library.
Evan Conover sits at the front desk, working on a computer at Brenner Library. (Wes Shelor/QU Media)
Evan Conover puts a book back on the shelf in Brenner Library.
Evan Conover puts a book back into its designated place in Brenner Library. (Wes Shelor/QU Media)

Conover plans to go back to his first job at Hy-Vee at 3700 Broadway St. after he graduates. He plans to work there until he gets a job that is part of his degree. However, Disney has been on Conover’s mind since he got back from Disney World in October 2022.

“It’s been on my mind, and I’m not going to let it roll out,” Conover said, “but if there are any plans that are involved in music, then I’m going to probably do that instead and see where God takes me. Music has been in my heart for a long time, I’ve kept music in my life and I’m still going to keep it once I graduate from college.”

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