Mose-aic walls and God’s music bring life to one of QU’s leaders

This is a picture of Schola Cantorum, Quincy choir, posing before a recital.

QU Junior, Jesse Mose, is a man with many talents that do not get seen as much around the campus.

Jesse is a part of the small crowd of students made up of non-athletes, but he only sees this as an upside to his life. 

“Although there are times where I wish I was part of the bigger crowd on campus, I have found ways to be creative with those of us who might be a minority, but who play an equally important role at QU,” said Jesse Mose. 

When Jesse came to QU, he originally chose Music Education as his major. He started out playing the clarinet but changed after he found love for the pipe organ. 

This led to him changing his major to Music Performance and taking the pipe organ as his primary instrument. 

The choice of coming to Quincy University was easy when he was provided with many opportunities like the size of the campus.

“The opportunity to study and learn from some of the best musicians in the area was an opportunity not to pass up. I knew no one when I came here which provided me a perfect opportunity to start fresh and grow even more as a human,” said Mose. 

Some things to justify how much Jesse does for the school are Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, Tutor, a Student Ambassador for the Advancement Office, and he has served as Co-President for the Lyke House.

“All these positions have allowed me to grow as an individual, expand my horizons, and gain experience in a variety of leadership roles,” said Mose.

Along with those position on campus, Jesse also is a member of the campus ministry team and work and serve as the Coordinator of Liturgical Music. 

Jesse Mose stops playing for a picture in front of the organ.

Jesse’s primary duties include being responsible for providing music for Sunday Chapel Masses, accompanying choirs/cantors, and selecting music appropriate for liturgies.

A few accomplishments to go along with this job are helping to make this position exist for those interested in liturgical music, building a choir from the ground up which is comprised of some of the strongest vocalists here at QU, and providing music for special liturgies and weddings held on campus. 

Along with his coordinator position, Jesse is a freelancer as a vocalist and organist in Quincy and the surrounding area. 

Jesse Mose posing before he conducts the rest of the choir for the recital.

The freelance work also takes him to Chicago and St. Louis where he serves as an organist in some of the finest churches and sings in professional ensembles.

Jesse lastly works part-time in several local churches as an organist for them. 

“I feel that my work is far from boring. To be a student having these opportunities is an honor and I have been able to see the best of me grow and learn while at the same time making music for the Greater Glory of God,” said Mose. 

There is not a day that goes by where you don’t see Jesse at some point in the day. He is very open to everyone and welcomes anyone that he talks to.

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