Kaci Bailey departs from QU to shift to a new GLVC team

Kaci Bailey huddling with the team.

Kaci Bailey has become a well-known person around the QU campus in just two years of being a head coach for the women’s basketball team.

Bailey has been all over the map with many different jobs for each university. The first was an assistant basketball coach and recruiting coordinator at Henderson State University. She was also the interim head coach for six months.

The next stop for her was the University of Central Arkansas and then Wichita State University. Then Kaci Bailey joined George Mason University where she served the same job for four years leading to 2021.

Finally, she joined the Quincy women’s team for what would be the next two years. During those two years, she achieved many accomplishments. She has brought many talents along the way and pushed the women’s basketball team beyond their goals.

Kaci Bailey kneeling, waiting for two free throws. (Denny Sinnock / QUMedia)

During the second year of her coaching, she managed to bring QU to the GLVC tournament, which is the first time in seven years. She took the girls to the tournament where they had to face Drury University. Quincy shook the GLVC Tournament up when they took Drury to the final seconds where they lost by a missed shot with two seconds left.

Overall Kaci Bailey accumulated a 22-36 record with the Quincy women’s team. Unfortunately, the time has come for QU and Bailey to disperse. 

Kaci Bailey watches her team in an intense game. (Denny Sinnock / QU Media)

In a press release, QU announced Bailey would be heading to Drury University where she accepted the job as head coach effective immediately. 

Even Athletic Director Josh Rabe had good things to say about Bailey.

“Kaci brought us to a postseason in just two years and we are lucky to have that, we wish her nothing but the best moving forward,” Rabe said.

She has brought so much likeliness to the QU atmosphere and showed why “it is a great day to be a Hawk”, as President Brian McGee would say. 

“Kaci brought many talents along the way and managed to help the school as a whole, I was thrilled watching the production and growth of the team through her leadership so kudos to her and good luck in the future,” sophomore Brenden Unseld said.

Assistant Coach Jenna Knudson talking a game plan with Head Coach Kaci Bailey. ( Denny Sinnock / QU Media)

“I am forever grateful for their belief in me and support as I led the QU women’s program. This community is special and has embraced me like none other. Quincy will always hold a special place in my heart,” Bailey said.

Overall the women’s basketball program will forever be thankful for Kaci Bailey and all she has done for the students, faculty, and staff along the way.

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