Students share some ways to help you succeed during finals

This is the schedule that breaks down what day each class is scheduled to take their final.

With the semester wrapping up at Quincy University that can only mean one thing. finals week is approaching.

At the end of every semester there is a week that is designated for students to take tests in each of their classes. 

Finals in school typically refer to the last and most important exams or assessments that students take at the end of a semester or academic year. 

Finals can also come in a variety of forms and are determined by the professor in each course. These tests can include presentations, essays, case studies, projects, or a test. 

With the pressure of a single test determining the final grade in the class there can be pressure that comes with it.  

The finals can be challenging for some students because it can determine whether or not they can pass the class. 

These students are in a computer lab studying for their class.
Students are studying in the Robotics lab.

In some cases it can mean that students can fall behind obtaining their degree and they won’t graduate on time.  

But there are study habits to help prepare yourself to make sure that you are ready to take your final. This will help ease the doubts and stress you may have about the finals. 

“I think the best way to approach finals is to check Moodle to know what grade you have in each class. This helps me know what my grade is in each of my classes to help me determine what classes need more attention than others,” TJ Wensing said. 

Wensing says doing this helps you create a plan for each test. It also enables you to attack each test properly.

Varying your study techniques and switching between subjects to avoid boredom helps improve your attention span.

“I like to stick to a routine when finals week comes around. What works best for me is setting a schedule a couple of weeks before my finals. This helps me learn the material better and allows me to comprehend it at my own pace. It also helps me make sure that I am using my time wisely,” Jack Driscoll said. 

One study habit that is successful for most students them is leaving their phone in their rooms and going to the library for a couple of hours. 

This helps them stay actively focused to ensure that they can get the most out of their time. 

“When I have a big test I like to create note cards of key questions that I know are going to be on the test. The note cards help me memorize the most important things on the test. It also helps me answer other questions on the test that are related to the note cards,” Glenn Sutton said.

Engaging with the material actively, rather than just passively reading or listening. This could include taking notes, creating summaries or mind maps, or practicing problems.

Everyone has their own preferences on how to study and know what study habits help them understand the material. 

Remember to take breaks during your study sessions to help improve your focus. Even if it is just five minutes or taking a bathroom break. 

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