QU students face parking dilemma

With 1,011 students currently enrolled at Quincy University, including 327 freshman, parking spaces have filled up dramatically in Lots C, D, and E. Students are having a hard time finding available parking spaces.

Lot D, north of Helein Hall, is a medium-sized parking lot. Lot E is a small parking lot behind Willer Hall, able to hold nearly 25 parked vehicles at a time. Lot C is the expansive parking lot across the street from Padua Hall and the Café. All of these parking lots are at their maximum parking limit. There are few alternatives to park for students except to park along the street.

Lot D, north of Helein Hall, with every parking space filled with vehicles, and other vehicles parked along the street.
Lot D packed with parked vehicles, with vehicles parked on the street. (Wes Shelor/QUMedia)

“It is definitely very hard to park a lot of the time, especially at this lot (Lot D),” Maddy Barton, freshman, said. “You just have to get lucky with a spot, and a lot of people don’t park very well in the parking lot. The next best parking lot is Lot C, but it’s kind of a long walk to classes. I try to avoid parking on the road because there’s a lot of people driving fast.”

Student's vehicles are parked up and down the public road between Helein Hall and Lot D.
Students’ vehicles parked along the street in between Helein Hall and Lot D. (Wes Shelor/QUMedia)

“I think parking is way limited and there’s not enough spots,” Jasmine Hopkins, freshman, said. “It always sucks having to go park in another lot and then walk like a ten minute walk to your dorms, but there’s just nowhere to park. I feel like they could fit in more parking spaces and the parking spaces and the parking would be a lot closer. I know college kids are also not the best drivers, so it could be like better. I think there are a few spots where they can fit in more parking lots or maybe extend the parking lot, but there’s just not enough space.”

Lot C, across from the Café, is packed with many vehicles parked tightly next to one another.
Lot C congested with parked vehicles. (Wes Shelor/QUMedia)

“I have to park along the street and walk all the way back to my dorm, and most of the time I am walking back in the dark, so I could get mugged,” Claire Sudkamp, junior, said. “Also, it’s dangerous trying to pull out on the streets. I almost got t-boned several times!”

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