Quincy University welcomes 327 new freshman

Freshman Micheal Martelli poses with his family

Moving to college to start freshman year is a scary, yet exciting thing to think about. For many students it means moving away from home and starting a new chapter of life. 

Becoming a freshman allows students to become more independent in their everyday life. It allows students to decide what classes they want to take or what they want to eat for dinner. 

“I’m excited to be here at Quincy University for the nursing program. I think it’s going to be very good for me. Some of the struggles I think are going to be for me is being a full time athlete and student. The time management aspect of it. But I think it’ll be very good to work with my teachers and my coach throughout the school year,” Addie Eades said. 

College gives freshmen the ability to grow personally. They learn how to manage their time efficiently and to learn life lessons along the way. 

College allows students to have new experiences in and around campus, whether that is in or out of the classroom

Some of the experiences can be new subjects, joining a club, going to sporting events, and also meeting new people from around the globe.

“I’m excited to represent Quincy not only in the classroom but also on the course. Men’s golf is a close group, so I’m excited to become friends with them and have other opportunities that they lead me to as well. I’m also excited to cheer on other sporting teams like volleyball, baseball, and football. I believe that the school spirit on campus is awesome,” Micheal Martelli said.  

Incoming freshmen have an opportunity to make new friends at school. The friends can be a roommate or teammate. Meeting new people with similar interests, goals, and values is a recipe for a long friendship.

“I’m excited to meet new friends and I like being on the golf team. The new girls have been really welcoming. I am doubling as an accounting and finance major and I’m very excited to learn more with my classes and apply it for a career,” Ellissa Warren said. 

Incoming freshmen also have the opportunity to decide what major they want to explore. Most students already know what they want to major in but they can change majors if they find another interest. 

It gives the students the ability to find something new that excites them. They could find a class that really interests them and pivot to that field of studies.

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