Quincy University has its annual day of service

QU Men's and Women's Golf teams raking leaves for day of service

On October 11th, Quincy University canceled class to have its Day of Service. 

Day of Service allowed the students and faculty to volunteer in and around the surrounding community. 

“Day of Service was pretty awesome. You know some might be skeptical walking into our big gymnasium and not knowing who you’re going to end up with or what you’re doing but it was great to meet some new people and to learn about each other and to talk about some history,” Jimmy Scott said. 

There was a wide range of people in the community needing help. Off campus some groups of students volunteered at The Humane Society, a nursing home, schools, and small businesses. 

Jimmy Scott and Professor Rohan playing cards with an Alzheimer's patient at the Good Samaritan Home.

On campus the baseball team cleaned up around the HFC

Some of the volunteer work consisted of doing yard work, whether that is pulling weeds, raking leaves, digging up bushes, or trimming bushes. 

“Today we’re at the Historical Society of Quincy in Adams County. For the most part we’re just cleaning up the old John Wood Mansion and we’re raking up leaves outside we’re doing this to help out the community.  We hope to clean up the place so that it looks nicer for when visitors come here,” Ryan Kruse said. 

The golf team cleaned the inside of the mansion which is now a museum. 

“For service day I was helping out at the Humane Society. We laid down mulch, pulled weeds, and after we got done we’re able to go and play with the dogs for a little while,” Connor Meegan said. 

Some of the students walked the dogs for three miles. They also cleaned windows, kennels, cat rooms, picked weeds, and fixed the dog park area. 

Professor Padric Rohan was in charge of a group of students. A group went to the Good Samaritan Home in Quincy. 

“It was awesome to be able to go and to meet people from all different aspects of life that have lived different lives, different ages even and some were different alert levels and some of different personalities and stuff. It was great to hear what made them who they are and to be able to get my butt kicked in some cards,” Scott said.  

With the suspecting rain Rohan and the students had to shake up their plans. Instead of painting the parking lot they had to move their work inside. 

Professor Rohan and Jimmy Scott talking to Alzheimer's patients at the Good Samaritan Home

They went inside and offered company to the Alzheimer’s residents. They played cards with the residents. They also exercised with them too.

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