QU students support no classes on Fridays

Colin Fitzgerald studying in the SSC

Quincy University students believe that classes should be held four days a week, Monday through Thursday. 

They believe that not having classes on Fridays opens up many opportunities for them. 

Students say that instead of having classes on Fridays they should have tutoring available, office hours, and study halls. 

“I don’t like having class on Fridays because I like to qualify early on Friday mornings and I like a day to sleep in. It also allows me to pursue my hobbies,” Ellisa Warren said. 

Ellissa Warren studying for a math test coming up.

They said it would boost their GPA and help them see teachers outside of class. Warren doesn’t want to attend classes because class time conflicts with practice times. 

Students say they will  have more time to participate in extracurricular activities. Whether that is pursuing hobbies, or working part-time jobs. These will both contribute to their personal development.

“I don’t like having class on Fridays because I have an 8 a.m. all week. So if I didn’t have class it would  give me  time to relax and sleep in and catch up on some homework that I want done for the weekend. Also it will give us a long weekend to give us time to go home,” Addie Eades said. 

Adopting a shorter work week also allows students the time to go home. This could mean visiting family or even friends. 

Karlie Schnepp typing an essay in he SSC.

Students argue that shorter school weeks can lead to more focused and productive learning during the days students are in school. 

“I think for the most part people shouldn’t have class on Fridays unless they really want to for their learning schedule. I think this because I think a five day week is long, that’s most of your week and it’s very hard to keep focused through the end of the week by the end of the week,” Collin Fitzgerald said. 

Some schools that have adopted a four-day school week have reported improved student attendance. By boosting attendance there will be more participation in class. 

“I find myself personally a lot of times not being able to focus in class and I think it makes more sense to send me home with more stuff to do on my own instead of having to be required to go to a class I don’t want to go to,” Fitzgerald said.

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