Graduation Is A Step Behind

by: Amanda Boyer

Information about Quincy University’s May 2017 graduation is delayed this year, and the process getting tickets for the event has changed.

An email sent to students on April 3, 2017 reads:

Due to challenges with QU’s new database/computer system, our ability to determine those who are eligible to participate in the May ceremony is behind schedule. Subsequently, so is the process to reserve extra tickets.

The email also says that as soon as the administration has the information it will send letters to graduates, candidates, and parents as well as email graduates and degree candidates and to update the commencement page on QU’s website.

“Whatever the university is going through it shouldn’t affect the graduation process,” Rebeka Porter, graduating senior, said. “In these situations being early is always the best plan, don’t wait until the last minute.”

On April 4, 2017, an e-mail was sent to graduation candidates that address some issues regarding extra tickets. The e-mail that was sent to graduate candidates states regarding tickets for graduation states:

Please know that there will not be a waiting list. If we happen to receive extra tickets, it won’t be until the second week of May (exam week) when degree candidates pick-up their tickets with their caps and gowns. It is unlikely that we will receive any extra tickets since students tend to share extras with each other. If we happen to receive any extra tickets, they will be made available at the doors of Pepsi Arena the morning of Commencement.

Later that same day on April 4 another email arrived. It was the last e-mail that students received about graduation. It stated that

Each degree candidate who is planning to participate in Commencement will receive 6 (not 4) tickets as was originally planned. Through allowing 2 extra tickets per family, there will be no extra tickets to be reserved. Any family not needing all 6 tickets should return them to FRH 124 for distribution on a first-come, first served basis to those who do.

The e-mail continues by saying that the informational letters will go out soon to graduates and undergraduates parents.
Because of the changes in the billing office, ticket sales are being handled differently now than in the past.

“Graduation for me was a huge milestone and it was the ending to a sometimes stressful and worrisome collegiate career,” Brenda Cosio, 2016 graduate, said. “It would be unfortunate if students had to stress about what is supposed to be a huge day in their career, one that they have been working for so hard for.”

As the semester and the school year approaches an end, students and staff scramble to finish up the semester on a high note. But as May approaches, QU seniors are wondering why this graduation seems different than in years past.

Graduation for Quincy University seniors is May 14, 2017, although this year is unlike many others in the past due to administrative changes.

“Graduation for me means getting through to the next stage in my life,” Porter said. “It means me moving on with my life and moving forward and getting to do what I want to do.”

For further information on the class of 2017 Commencement visit QU’s Commencement page here.

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