Lowery’s Locker Room Brings Custom Clothing to QU Campus

By Raven Ash

Braden Lowery was like most college students. He had goals, aspirations and a limited supply of cash. However, as a graphic design major, he has the upper hand when it comes to creativity.

Last semester Lowery discovered a way to manifest his artistic ability through the creation of Lowery’s Locker Room.

Lowery’s Locker Room is a small business that transforms wholesale items into trendy pieces by customizing and using upcycling techniques.

Lowery has wanted to launch his own clothing line since he was in junior high school. He now describes that dream as ‘far-fetched’; however, he likes that Lowery’s Locker Room gives him the opportunity to experience just that, but on a smaller scale.

“Lowery’s Locker Loom is something I started a few weeks back and it is my way of putting my creativity out there in the form of custom clothing,” he said. “I use this as a way to make a little extra money.”

Lowery had seen a lot of DIY clothing inspiration online and finally decided to give it try. With the help of YouTube, he was able to learn the skills he needed to revamp crew-necks, beanies, t-shirts, and customize shoes.

Because crew-necks and t-shirts are designed by hand using a variety of bleach techniques, no two bleached items are exactly alike. This process makes items even more unique.     

Lowery’s Locker Room crew-necks, t-shirts, and beanies are made prior to sale. Shoes are customized upon request; however, the customer must provide the shoe.

For custom shoes, customers can submit the design they wish to have painted on the shoe, but many trust Lowery’s creativity and artistic ability enough to tell him to put his own twist on the design to make them one of a kind.

Lowery’s creativity is no hidden talent to his friends on campus.

“I have definitely always noticed his creativity and I think what he’s doing is pretty cool,” Melvin Brock Jr., Lowery’s roommate, said. “He is always working on something and trying to make his stuff better.”

Lowery may be the creative mind behind the products, but Lowery’s Locker Room marketing is a team effort.

As of now, products are being marketed through the Lowery’s Locker Room Instagram account. Many of the photos posted on the account for advertising purposes were photographed by Justin Lane Photography.

“We’ve always been good friends and have always talked about starting some sort of clothing brand,” Lane said. “He took the initiative and opened Lowery’s Locker Room and I agreed to help out and shoot photos of the product and it’s been great.”

Instagram users can use his posts to view inventory and prices. Direct messages can be used to make purchases and request custom shoes.

Lowery plans to eventually open an Etsy shop to expose his products to a larger market.

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