Meet my best friend during quarantine

By. Jessica Abrego

If you are stuck at home with your pets most of your pets are happy to spend time with you. This is Roxie, my six-year-old purebred Welsh Corgi. Roxie is still adjusting to me invading her personal time. This is actually her world and I just live in it. So today Roxie is going to take you on a tour of her afternoon!

Hello, my name is Roxie Hart! Mom named me after Roxie from the musical Chicago. Her plan was to get more corgi’s to finish the cast, but she stopped at me. I am too perfect!

Mom we are going on a walk, keep up!

This is my grass, I like to try and jump in the water in the ditch. Mom does not think it is a good idea so here I am walking and not swimming.

Mom get my picture, I am lookin good! I am hot so let’s go home.

Thumbs, get the door!

Water cocktail, but if you get another picture I will bite you!

After power nap I zoom with my bone!

The squirrels can’t see me, but I can see them! That is my backyard, I have banned all cats and squirrels.

After zooming with my bone and squirrel watching, I now admire my backyard and nap again.

Mom thinks I need a new scarf… but this one just started to smell like me.

I now look like a cheetah, mom, that’s a cat!

Now we practice piano…mom thinks one day I will be as good as Elton John!

And now you guessed it, I nap until dinner time! Thank you for joining me for my afternoon routine!

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