Students invest time into healthy eating

By Sharadyn Janssen

Among all the responsibilities students have, one they must uphold is fueling their bodies through food and drink. For some, this may be grabbing a bite to eat from the campus cafeteria. For others, it may look like making a snack from the comfort of their own room.

Whether it’s a cheeseburger from the McDonald’s drive-thru, a sandwich from the cafeteria, or a bowl of left over spaghetti from the fridge, giving our bodies the nutrients they need can help us perform as better students.

According to Options For Youth, students choosing to eat healthier meals has been linked to higher grades, better memory and alertness, and faster information processing for them.

So how do QU students keep up on this responsibility?

Annie McGinnis, QU sophomore, explained that her favorite snack to make in her dorm room is overnight oats.

“Overnight oats are so easy to make since there is no cooking involved. They literally just sit in the fridge for a few hours before I eat them,” McGinnis said. “There are also so many different ingredients I can add so I never get tired of them!”

Grace Hilbing, QU junior, enjoys making strawberry banana smoothies as a nutritious snack.

“It’s a very quick process, since you are just cutting up fruit and blending it up. It also helps that it’s super affordable for us broke college students, because it is only three different ingredients: frozen strawberries, bananas, and some almond milk,” Hilbing said.

Kori Obert, QU junior, recommends making avocado toast.

“Avocado toast is easy to make, good for you, and tastes so good. It’s the perfect breakfast to start my day off!” Obert said.

Why are healthy diets so important to these students?

“Eating well gives me the energy to get through a day of class, practice, work, and workouts. I uphold this by making smart decisions when I go to the cafeteria and also making sure to keep healthy snacks in my room,” McGinnis said.

“I honestly have to eat well in order to stay in good shape for tennis season. I have had to really learn how to cook better, which has caused me to explore new foods and try new things,” Obert said.

“Getting to pick what to eat has became the best part of my day. I look forward to getting to my room so I can make myself a healthy snack and take time to just really enjoy it after having a long day of class and practice,” Hilbing said.

The QU cafeteria offers a variety of different meal plans to accommodate to each student’s needs. Their plans, prices, hours of operation, and menu can be found on the Hawks Dining Hall website for reference.

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