Men’s lacrosse starting off strong

On October 26, 2021, around 7 p.m. Quincy University men’s lacrosse team had a home scrimmage game playing against William Penn.

The cool fall air lingered as a few Quincy University students came out to support the lacrosse team. Both teams were intensely running around on the field each trying to defend and throw to make that first goal. It was not long into the first quarter that Quincy was scoring their first two goals. The supporting QU fans sitting in the bleachers were loudly cheering on the team. For some students this was their first time attending a lacrosse game.

“It was really cool for me to watch my first ever lacrosse game in person,” Cheyenne DeWeese said. “My high school didn’t have lacrosse. So, it was cool to watch the team score for the first time and watch my friends play on the field.”

By the start of the second quarter William Penn did make the board with their first score. Despite Quincy’s defense William Penn was looking determined to end the night with a few goals themselves. Not long after their first goal William Penn scored their second goal. The game became even more intense as both teams were tied 2-2 with 6 minutes left of the second quarter.

Shouting from both teams could be heard from all over the field. Members were calling out names and shouting out directions as each team was trying for their next goal. The game came to a major turning point when a William Penn player failed to catch the pass. The pressure was heavy as the ball freely rolled across the field. As this was happening Quincy’s Kade Beaton quickly took possession of the ball and the Hawks went on to score their fourth goal.

“The game started off a little slow as we normally do. That is one thing that we must build on,” Gage Evans said. “But outside of that in the second, third, and fourth quarters we seemed to dominate the game and we had the control in our hands the entire time.”

When half time came around Quincy scored again and was up two points. After half time the game picked up even more speed during the third quarter as Quincy began scoring more goals. At this point in the game the scoreboard was looking favorable from a Hawks point of view. The third quarter ended with a score of Quincy 9, William Penn 3. William Penn was making a comeback by scoring twice in the fourth quarter. But there was no mercy coming from Quincy who went on to score a total of six goals in the fourth quarter.

“Compared to years past things have changed it’s a lot different now. Compared to last year and the year before that we’re in the right direction now,” Evans said. “I’m not saying we’re going to chase a national championship or anything but we’re going to give our best shot at it.”

The Hawks ended up taking the win for the evening with a final score of 15-5.

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