Chicken and waffles brings southern comfort to QU

Quincy University President Brian McGee hosted his annual Chicken and Waffles event January 29 in The Cafe. 

The unusual pairing in both appeal and taste may sound odd but if tasted it just makes sense. A combination of sweet and savory, crunch and soft, and even fried and baked. The pairing seems wrong but in fact makes sense as it gives tasters the best of both worlds.

The Chicken and Waffles event is meant to bond both students and staff through the sweet and savory combination of chicken and waffles. Like many other events, McGee can be seen interacting with students and staff at this event. Many other staff members and Cafe workers assist McGee in this event to help it come to life. Students get to indulge in tasty food and consume new conversations. 

“I really enjoy seeing President McGee in The Cafe and I look forward to this every single semester,” Ainslie Renolds said.

The students not only enjoy this event for its delicious food but they also get to enjoy the presence of many staff members that they only typically see in a professional setting. This casual meal and chat encourages students to meet new people through their connection with their love of food. 

A southern classic originating all the way back to Harlem 1930 stands the test of time and continues to reach different parts of the nation. After working in the south for years McGee could not resist bringing his favorite food to the Midwest.  

“I decided the first year I was here at QU we were going to have a chicken and waffles event and from there it has just taken off. Every year and usually every semester we do chicken and waffles. It is a great way to create community, it is a great way to have a little fun with food and who could not enjoy the savory and sweet combination that is chicken and waffles,” McGee said.

The culinary delight has been around for decades. Quincy University brought the event to students for the first time in 2019. The event was a large success and has continued to be a strong outcome event that students continue to look forward too.

Since the first appearance of chicken and waffles at QU there has been one every semester. 

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