Students start semester without books

Students at Quincy University have returned to classes for the spring semester but are without their required materials for their courses.

Inside of the bookstore, there are bins filled with books that have yet to be picked up by students. 

Professors at QU have given out assignments to students that are expected to be completed in the first week. Students have been communicating with instructors informing them many of their textbooks never arrived.

QU student Crystal Middendorf talked to a couple of her peers about this situation.

“So personally, I believe I was one of the lucky ones this semester and ended up getting my books on time, however I was a little bit skeptical and worried because a lot of my peers said they don’t know have their books yet and still waiting for the email from the bookstore. This made me very worried for myself because I didn’t know if I actually did get all my books even though the bookstore told me I did and I was wondering maybe there may have been a misprint on my receipt. I was just not sure, so I really did have to think twice about that,” Middendorf said.

Dr. Christine Tracy, who is the vice president of student development, sent emails out to students regarding their books letting them know that when all of their textbooks arrive, they will receive an email from the QU Bookstore. She said students who need access codes for their course will receive separate emails from the bookstore.

There was a form sent out to students through email for students who are still without one or more of their books.

Mark Strieker, VP of business affairs, is aware of all the inquiries about students not receiving their textbooks.

“Look for emails from the QU bookstore that will notify them when their books are available if they’re still waiting for something to be made available email is when they should get a notification that the books are available. We are still sending out daily updates to the faculty to inform them so they can talk to their students of what’s still needed for each student. We are still trying to push out as much information as we can as we have more detailed information as to when the books will be available. If there is anything on back order pay attention to your QU emails and then of course if you haven’t picked up your books, please come to the bookstore and pick them up but we do have lots of books available for students to pick up and the more that come and pick them up it’ll be easier for us to sort through what’s left to do,” Strieker said.

QU staff have received many concerns with the situation but want students to know they are working very hard to ensure students stay on the right track to succeed. 

Students can reach out to the bookstore directly through email at

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