Simon Brush flipped the script

Simon Brush looking over the nighttime Chicago city skyline.

With Quincy University being a school mainly full of athletes, it can be difficult to be noticed and fit in as a non-athlete. QU is an athlete dominant school in which well over half of the students on campus participate in sports making the non-athletes the minority unlike many universities. However this is not the mindset that Simon Brush, a sophomore at QU, has.

Brush was a part of the Hawks baseball team his freshman year, however, injuries kept him from staying on the field for the full season. After returning for the 2023 fall semester, Brush decided it was in his best interest to focus on his education after taking his injuries into serious consideration.

Since making that decision, the days on campus look a lot different than they used to for Brush.

“A day in the life for me now is to wake up around 9 a.m. and go to the Cafe before my classes. After my classes are over I usually get in a workout and then do homework or play video games with my friends depending on the day,” Brush said.

Time management is an important aspect in succeeding as a college student, being a student-athlete makes that challenge even greater. However for those who do not participate in sports, they are allowed more time to catch up on work or get involved with extra-curriculars.

“I love having some more time to be able to do my homework which allows me put more time and effort into the things I enjoy most like working out and spending time with friends,” Brush said.

Many non-athletes on campus don’t care much for sports in general and don’t attend many sporting events. For Brush, sporting events on campus are one of his favorite things to do.

“I come from a big sports family so sports is rooted in me, as much as I love baseball I don’t attend the games here very often. I like watching the basketball and football games because I think it’s more entertaining to watch than most sports,” Brush said.

Simon Brush and his little cousin with baseball gear on when Brush was 5 years old
5-year-old Simon Brush playing baseball with his little cousin.

With Brush getting a new perspective of life on Quincy University’s campus he has adapted to a much more normal lifestyle. After some time, Brush had some realizations about why he is here at Quincy University. What Brush said next was touching.

“At this point in my life there are many other universities closer to home in Chicago. However, Quincy has a special place in my heart. Much of my dad’s side of the family has lived in Quincy for a long time and I have spent a lot of time here. On top of that, I have made friendships here at QU that will last a life time. So I don’t see a reason to go anywhere else, I get to watch my friends succeed and see my family all in Quincy. I belong here,” Brush said.

Brush will continue to attend Quincy University for the next fall semester where he will study business and continue to enjoy life.

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