Legal Hall of Fame sees four new inductees

People are listening to the presenter during the Legal Hall of Fame.

On March 16, Quincy University inducted four new members into the renowned Legal Hall of Fame.

This year’s inductees were all QU alumni who made a splash in the legal field.

They included Michael Bickhaus (1990), William Davis (2004), Melissa Lore (1997), and Mark Mantovani (1976).

The night also featured other members and committee members in attendance to celebrate the new members.

One member in attendance was Vanessa Pratt-Meuth, who is the current Mock Trial coach along with her father and fellow Legal Hall of Fame member Christopher Pratt.

“I think this Hall of Fame banquet is an amazing event. It’s a way that QU can give back to members of our legal community, who dedicate not only time but resources and funding to our students to help them in our legal studies program. I received the John Evans award in 2021 for my service to the legal studies department, and then I joined the legal studies faculty after that, so I think this event is a great event. I actually personally know three of the inductees. Melissa Lore is my aunt, so I’m very fond of her. Bill Davis was my mock trial coach in my undergrad, so I know that he gives back to the legal community, not only at QU, but the community in general. Mike Bickhaus works at SR&M, which does a lot of things for QU and the legal community as a whole,” Pratt-Meuth said.

Student members from the current QU Mock Trial team were also in attendance to witness the inductions and to learn more about the field that interests them so much.

“It’s a great event for the whole QU legal community, and the Quincy legal community, to get together and have some great discussions about in a place we really wouldn’t otherwise. It’s just a great time,” Jack Urbanciz said.

Before the night proceedings, the Mock Trial team faced off against their coaches and some of the inductees in the court case the team had been working on all semester.

Members and coaches from the Mock Trial team enjoyed the food and the members of the Hall of Fame.

This Legal Hall of Fame induction was a family affair for the Pratt family as Melissa Lore was inducted that night and is the aunt of Pratt-Meuth.

Lore is currently the chief compliance officer at FFF Enterprises, which is a specialty pharmaceutical distributor and graduated from QU in 1997.

“I am honored to be here tonight and be an inductee to the Hall of Fame. There’s such amazing legal professionals who are already members, and I just feel like QU did such an amazing job of laying foundation for me and my legal career to be able to come back here and celebrate with people where it all started is a great opportunity,” Lore said.

Melissa Lore speaks on being inducted into the Legal Hall of Fame.

With the growing interest in the legal field, QU’s Legal Hall of Fame will continue to see more inductees and more interest as time goes on.

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