What sticker bombing says about Gen Z

Defined by blogger David Willis, sticker bombing (also known as sticker art, or sticker slapping) is where stickers are used to cover a surface and in doing so to create a form of art, or to promote a certain message. Sticker bombing is a form of graffiti art.

It is done in various ways and the pattern or technique used in decorating items and objects with loads of stickers is unique to each person or artist.

It can be seen through the common eye as blogger David WIllis described as graffiti art, or it can also be seen more intrinsically as artwork that represents who a person is exactly.

Through this view people can represent themselves and show their interests or passions by sticker bombing items that they use commonly throughout the day. That way they can be seen by other people that the individual interacts with in their normal day. 

Street art has been around for ages, and sticker bombing is believed to have started as an official trend around 2006-2007 by a rogue artist and skateboarder named Shepard Fairey. This new form of street art was something that Generation Z could kind of call theirs and make it their own. 

Olivia Simmons has a smaller college dorm sized fridge in her room. She plastered it in stickers.

“I had a huge collection of stickers that have been accumulating over the years. My best friend and I did it together, it started off with random/cool stickers but shortly then became a memory board. Every adventure we went on we would buy stickers from various stores and put them on the fridge,” Simmons said. 

WIth no true inspiration behind the street art form of sticker bombing the refrigerator, Simmons and her friends would use the stickers as trail or mile markers of great memories and times in order to have something to always remember them by. 

Outside door of Simmons’ fridge

“I see sticker bombing as both a looking more decorative piece of art as well as a representative thing where people can express themselves,” Simmons added.

Student Cheyenne Dewesse has a different approach in the way which she uses sticker bombing. 

“I put stickers on my water bottle because I thought it was not only a cute and trendy thing people do to decorate their things and all the stuff they used covered in stickers, but to show my personality as well,” DeWeese said. 

These stickers can be used for people to exchange stories, memories, and information that are related to them. It is hard to base a level of communication purely on stickers, but more appealing to the meaningful and representative side of things, a mere designed piece of sticky plastic can mean so little yet so much at the same time. 

Keep your eyes out for sticker bombed items that people carry around in their daily lives, feel free to reach out and ask about them as well if you fell intrigued by them.

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