Resident Life and Security discuss what happens in the event of a break-in

Quincy University has earned a reputation for having little to no crimes reported on campus every year.

But what happens if a break-in occurs in an on-campus residence hall?

Kenshawn Bragg, QU security member, gives some advice on how to report a break-in and what things can help security in their investigative process.

“First I’m going to look at the cameras. I ask how long an item has been missing and what it was. Then I ask if they have their doors locked or unlocked. When did you realize something was missing? If there’s nothing on the cameras, I’m going to see how they got into the room,” Bragg said.

Bragg is not the only one handing out tips and tricks for keeping dorm rooms safe.

Kaelyn Conger, a resident assistant in Willer Hall, offers her residents tricks to keeping their rooms safe and what to do if her residents experience a burglary.

“Well most rooms have a lock on the main door and their own door so lock both of those. If there’s a lock in, I would take it close to school procedures because we can’t have weapons on campus. So hide first, fight, then run. Hide where you can. If the person still gets to you, throw things at them until you can get to a position where you can run. If you are on the first floor, you can climb out windows. If you aren’t on the first floor, you just have to find a way to run away, and if it comes to it, throw things and aim for their head. It’s definitely hard because we can’t have weapons to fight back if they have weapons,” Conger said.

These are typically the directions Conger tells her residents at their beginning of the year meeting with her new and returning residents, and she stresses the importance of being prepared if her residents ever experience an unwanted visitor.

Even with precautions taken by students to keep their rooms safe, there are still break-ins that occur.

One student, who did not want to be identified, shared their experience about a break-in last semester.

They woke up in the early hours of the morning to find another person in their room, one they did not recognize.They called security to come and handle the situation, which caused security to begin an investigation. They received other services for their troubles, but the investigation was closed after a short period of time.

Another student shared their story that happened over winter break.

They came back to find their doors unlocked, when they were previously locked, and items misplaced everywhere. They contacted security and are still awaiting further information.

According to the Quincy University Safety and Security report, required by the Clery Act, 2021, QU saw a total of one burglary, 2020 saw three burglaries, 2019 saw four burglaries, and 2018 saw six burglaries on campus.

To view the whole report, click here.

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