What it takes to be a QU nursing major

Many people say that taking on the challenge of being a nursing major is one of the hardest and most complicated college experiences there is. 

Even though the student population may be small, everyone is here for a variety of reasons. The majority of students at Quincy University are here because of athletics, but the second largest group of students on campus are enrolled in the nursing program. 

QU partners with Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Quincy. As a nursing student at QU, you will graduate with two degrees and have two commencement ceremonies. One will be with Quincy University and Blessing-Rieman is the institution where you will receive your BSN. 

“As a CNA who already works within the Blessing Hospital system, being a part of the nursing program I am able to experience the variety of different floors within the hospital along with performing skills and tasks typically not done as a CNA,” Kennady Fleer said. 

Your freshman year is when you will complete standard prerequisite courses. In your sophomore year you start to do take classes at Blessing-Rieman. As Blessing-Rieman is partnered with Blessing Hospital, nursing students get to receive a comprehensive education in an extremely hands-on learning environment. 

One day a week nursing students have clinical studies at Blessing Hospital, where they deal with real patients. The students have to take care of these patients on the spot and are constantly thinking on their feet. The simpler part of their clinicals are the simulation labs. This is where students learn in groups and work together on simulated patients. 

“What I enjoy most about clinical is getting to go to the hospital and learn from new nurses about what I might experience after graduation,” Christie Settles said. “They do their best to make everything a smooth and comfortable experience for my peers and I.”

Nursing students don’t get much free time because they are constantly studying and working hard to become successful. They want to be able to learn and help other people to the best of their abilities. Antonio Medrano has made a lot of tough decisions in order to keep pursing his goals.

“Just over spring break I came in for a makeup clinical, I had six lectures to watch during the break, and I had my clinical paperwork due. Right as I got back I had a quiz that week, and every week after that I have had at least one clinical and one quiz. I am also a part of Delta Tau Delta here on campus and that adds more to my plate. Outside of eating meals, I maybe have an hour a day to myself. I sacrificed my spring break to catch up on my material as well as make sure I become a good practitioner,” Medrano said. 

As you can imagine, these years as students can be even more challenging if they are a part of athletic teams, clubs, or have a job outside of school. 

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